Mommy & Me I Michelle Lunn Photography

I am so excited to now offer Mommy & Me Sessions regularly!
As a mom I know what it’s like. Every day we bust out our phones (and if we are really feeling motivated our cameras) and we document every little thing our little ones do. We are good at this! What we aren’t so great at is getting IN the pictures. I don’t know about you, but someday I’ll be gone, and I don’t want to leave my kids with only pictures of themselves.

So moms, I don’t care if you do it professionally, but make it a goal this year, to BE IN PICTURES.
Your kids don’t care if you’ve had a shower.
Your kids don’t care if your make up is perfect….or even done at all.
Your kids don’t care if you are rocking a messy bun.
They will just appreciate seeing mom, just the way you are!

Another option? Get dolled up and come in for a Mommy & Me session!

Mommy & Me Session, Baby SmoochesMommy & Me Session adoration
Mommy & Me Session I love you

There are little things that our babies do that makes them “them” that we don’t want to forget. Aubrey loves to grab mammas cheek.Mommy & Me Session Cheek Grab
And how cute are these floral crowns made by my sister at Dress Your Tress? I have these available for use for all of my Mommy & Me Sessions in a variety of styles. Mommy & Me Session Playtime
Another thing I absolutely love to capture during your mommy & me session is nursing images. I know right now it can feel like your baby is attached, and your freedom is limited, but this season of nursing is a short one! Enjoy some quiet one on one time, nursing your little one, while I document each tiny moment.
Mommy & Me Session Breastfeeding
Nursing Session, Peek a BooI love to capture “in between moments.” The unplanned, unposed, natural things that just happen.
Look at her little hand grabbing mammas fingers!

Nursing Session Bonding

Hair twirl To book your Mommy & Me Session, e-mail me through the contact tab on my website listed below!