Mommy & Me I 4 Month Old Lennon I St. Louis Photographer

Baby Lennon and his gorgeous mom came in for their Mommy & Me session and this 4 month old was such a little cutie! This was my first time doing a full day of Mommy & Me sessions and it was so much fun! I absolutely LOVE capturing moms with their babies! And my favorite moments are the ones like this one below. Those feet are not going to be that little for very long. Toe kisses I Michelle Lunn Photography I 4 month

This guy has older siblings, but mom decided to just do pictures of the two of them. It’s hard after the first baby to give each kid their own spotlight so I loved that mom did this! Look at that little tongue peeking out!

Mommy smooches I Michelle Lunn Photography I 4 month

Mom and Babe I St. Louis Photographer I 4 month

Mamma snuggles are the best! I hope you are able to look back at these images years from now and remember exactly what these snuggles felt like!

A mother's love I St. Louis Photographer I 4 month

Mommy snuggles

I always tell my “Watch Me Grow” clients not to do a 4 month session, and just wait until they are 6 months and sitting up. WHY am I telling people this??? 4 month olds are smiley, happy, and in love with the camera.

I need to start booking 4 month sessions, as soon as possible.

Baby Blue eyes I 4 month

The constant eating of the hands at this age is beyond precious, and that smile mom is giving him just melts my heart!

Mommy & Me I St. Louis Photographer I 4 month

His blue eyes were killing me!

St. Louis Photographer I Michelle Lunn Photography I 4 month

Thank you so much for coming in for your Mommy & Me session, Amanda! You two were absolutely fabulous! Maybe next time we can get the entire crew in here!

I have more Mommy & Me dates coming up closer to Mother’s Day!

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St. Louis Maternity Photographer I Michelle Lunn Photography I Lauren & Joe

Maternity sessions in the fall are alway so gorgeous, especially when mom and dad look like this! I LOVE shooting maternity photos! Pregnancy is such an amazing thing, and an important time to remember. Growing a baby for 9 months is not an easy task!
I had a great time chatting about baby names, nursery decor, and listening to the anticipation of their baby boy!
Lauren and Joe, you two have a special kind of love that I know will only grow when your sweet boy enters this world. You two are going to be absolutely amazing parents an I can not wait to meet your little one soon!

St. Louis Maternity Session I City Center Park 1

Lauren said they needed a lot of direction because they didn’t know how to pose…this next image proves that to be false. Lovey dovey cuteness! 

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Mommy & Me I Michelle Lunn Photography

I am so excited to now offer Mommy & Me Sessions regularly!
As a mom I know what it’s like. Every day we bust out our phones (and if we are really feeling motivated our cameras) and we document every little thing our little ones do. We are good at this! What we aren’t so great at is getting IN the pictures. I don’t know about you, but someday I’ll be gone, and I don’t want to leave my kids with only pictures of themselves.

So moms, I don’t care if you do it professionally, but make it a goal this year, to BE IN PICTURES.
Your kids don’t care if you’ve had a shower.
Your kids don’t care if your make up is perfect….or even done at all.
Your kids don’t care if you are rocking a messy bun.
They will just appreciate seeing mom, just the way you are!

Another option? Get dolled up and come in for a Mommy & Me session!

Mommy & Me Session, Baby SmoochesMommy & Me Session adoration
Mommy & Me Session I love you

There are little things that our babies do that makes them “them” that we don’t want to forget. Aubrey loves to grab mammas cheek.Mommy & Me Session Cheek Grab
And how cute are these floral crowns made by my sister at Dress Your Tress? I have these available for use for all of my Mommy & Me Sessions in a variety of styles. Mommy & Me Session Playtime
Another thing I absolutely love to capture during your mommy & me session is nursing images. I know right now it can feel like your baby is attached, and your freedom is limited, but this season of nursing is a short one! Enjoy some quiet one on one time, nursing your little one, while I document each tiny moment.
Mommy & Me Session Breastfeeding
Nursing Session, Peek a BooI love to capture “in between moments.” The unplanned, unposed, natural things that just happen.
Look at her little hand grabbing mammas fingers!

Nursing Session Bonding

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6 Month Session I Michelle Lunn Photography

This little guy is one of my Watch me Grow Babies and came in for his 6 mo milestone session! I love documenting each and every Baby’s first year! He has gotten so big! And his sister! She’s such a cutie pie, and SO well behaved! These parents are doing something great! 🙂

Family shots are always some of my favorite shots!

Take a look at those baby blues!


Detail shots. Little Toes.

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Maddie Newborn Session I St. Louis Baby Photographer I St. Louis Newborn Photographer I Michelle Lunn Photography

“Back in the day” aka a couple of years ago, I used to shoot my own weddings. I have since stopped because it is not something I am passionate about, and I am one big giant ball of stress on a wedding day. However, I did photograph Maddie’s parents’ wedding! So, this it the first time I shot an engagement session, wedding, and then a first baby for a client! Maddie’s parents are the sweetest and I am over the moon happy for them and their growing family! Enjoy Maddie’s Newborn Session!

Mom and Babe shots are always so sweet. <3

Newborn details are my favorite! Little tiny finger, tiny toes, tiny lips, and tiny nose!!

Maddie’s parents are HUGE St. Louis Cardinals fans, so of course we had to incorporate some baseball into her session. Look at that little tiny baseball glove!!

All wrapped up with her toe near her eye! She won’t be able to do that for very long!

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Brody’s 6 Month Milestone Session I St. Louis Baby Photographer

I love the progression I get to witness in my “Watch me Grow” babies! They change so much from their newborn session to their six month session, and then again at their one year session. Brody was such an adorable newborn, and I honestly did not think he could get any cuter, but I’m pretty sure he proved me WRONG! His blue eyes are just to die for. Brody’s 6 month session went absolutely perfect!
And that smile?!
Melt my heart!
Brody’s grandma MADE his Tin Man Halloween costume, so of course we had to get one with him in it.

Brody and family,
I can’t want to see you guys in 6 months!!!brody-004-st-louis-baby-photographer








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