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Michelle Lunn


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Helllo! I'm Michelle. Wife to that handsome guy in the picture, and mom to 4 crazy kids! We live in a constant state of chaos, and I am learning to embrace that!

I could sit here and tell you how much I love my family, Harry Potter, coffee, and broadway shows, but let's be honest, you came here to find a photographer, so I would rather spend these few minutes I have with you explaining...

Why should you invest your hard earned money into me and my business?

I am a mom. I know how FAST these kids grow up. I know how quickly they leave that newborn phase and realize (though I'm not quite there yet) my four year old will not always think I'm awesome and want to hold my hand or kiss me in front of his friends.

Let me capture these moments for you.

I am a client. I have been photographed by many different photographers. I've had some "just okay" experiences, and I have also been blown away by some amazing experiences.

Let me blow you away.

I am an artist. I have learned to let go so that I can specialize. I used to shoot anything and everything that came my way. The truth is, I did not ENJOY it. It took a long time to let go of certain opportunities because in a sense I felt like I was failing. It turns out, when you really focus on what you enjoy shooting, you get better at your craft and are then able to create true art.

Let me create art for you.


Turning Newborns into Art.